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Uninstall Windows Movie Maker – How to uninstall it?

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Would you like to uninstall Windows Movie Maker from the computer from the computer but do now know what you should do? In my opinion, to completely uninstall it, first you have to know what it is and how it works. Windows Movie Maker is an application designed for all users to easily make and edit their own movies. However, recently it has become so bloated & problematic that many of its long-time supporters have to uninstall it. Here is how to get rid of it.

How to uninstall Windows Movie Maker?

There are two ways to remove Windows Movie Maker from the computer – either manually or automatically by using an professional uninstaller tool to perform the uninstall for you. We’ve found the best way to uninstall the Windows Movie Maker and other programs just like NET Framework 4 is to use an professional program tool to thoroughly scan the computer and get rid of any of the traces of the program which may cause other PC problems… however, if you are experienced and confident in manually getting rid of the program, you can try the manual uninstall process.

Method one: Manually remove Windows Movie Maker

Before taking this method, it is highly suggested that you can first made a system restore point. In case of any problem, you can easily get back your PC to a previous status.

Step one: Uninstall the program with Add/Remove Programs

  •  For Windows XP or versions before Windows XP

*Click “Start” & then click on “Control Panel”
* Double click on “Add & Remove Programs” when the Control Panel Window loads

  •  For Windows Vista & Win 7

*Click “Start” and then select “Control Panel”
*Locate “Uninstall A Program” when the Windows appears

Then the “Add / Remove Programs” applet will appear with all the programs installed on your computer listing, allowing you to uninstall any currently installed programs.

uninstall system tool

Here, you should locate the Windows Movie Maker and then click the “Remove/Change” button to begin the Windows Movie Maker uninstall process. By following the on-screen steps, you can easily uninstall the program. However, to ensure a complete uninstall, you still have to delete the files that the application may likely leave behind in your hard disk.

Step two: Delete any related files & settings

After the above Windows Movie Maker uninstall step, you should look and delete the files it will have left behind. To do this, just perform the following steps:

*Double click “My Computer”
*Navigate to “C:/Program Files/” & find the files that the Windows Movie Maker may leave behind
*If any file is left over, select it and press SHIFT + DELETE to permanently remove it from your PC
*Restart your PC to finish the Windows Movie Maker removal

Step three: clean out the registry

No matter whenever you install a program to the system, it will automatically add some entries to the registry database to tell the system when and how to perform the program correctly. But the problem right now is that the Windows Movie Maker will leave down some associated entries in this database when you uninstall it manually with the Add/Remove Programs utility. Such leftover entries will severely affect computer performance and stop the computer from running properly. So, you should perform the steps below to remove all such entries:

* Go to “Start” and then “run”
* Type “Regedit” in the box and press Enter to go
* Locate the two branches one by one to find out the folder name “Windows Movie Maker” and then directly delete them immediately.

Above the manual approach that you can use to uninstall Windows Movie Maker manually and delete all its files from the computer. However, it is very dangerous and will bring in some permanent damages if you do not have enough knowledge to locate & modify the registry information. For this concern, it is highly recommended that you should perform the below automatic Windows Movie Maker removal approach.

Method two: Automatically uninstall Windows Movie Maker with an uninstall tool

If you are not experienced enough to uninstall the unneeded program, it is recommended that you

should use a program called Perfect Uninstaller to do the uninstall job for you. Not only will it remove all parts of the program, but also it will scan & remove all left over entries from both the hard disk & Windows registry database. Here is how Perfect Uninstall uninstalls the Windows Movie Maker from your computer:

* It uninstall s all components of the Windows Movie Maker.
* It scans and delete all Windows Movie Maker associated files.
* It searches and removes all Windows Movie Maker registry details.

We highly recommend that you can use this perfect uninstaller tool to remove Windows Movie Maker and all other unneeded programs from the computer. It will not only save your time, but also easily secure the stable computer performance.

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