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Uninstall Office – How do I uninstall Microsoft Office?

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It is a true fact that all Windows users are familiar with Microsoft Office. It is an office suite developed by Microsoft and made up of Microsoft Office Excel, Word, OneNote, PowerPoint and Access. Helpfully, Microsoft Office is utilized on almost all Windows-based operating systems. However, when the program gets corrupted, you will have to remove it from the PC so as to get rid of some unknown error messages. Also, you may find it unnecessary at all. Anyhow, no matter for what reason, you can learn how to completely uninstall Microsoft Office and other programs from the PC.

If you are running a Windows-based operating system, you can easily uninstall it with the following tutorial.

>> Windows XP
1) Turn off all running programs.
2) Go to Start menu, select Control Panel, double-click Add/Remove Programs.
3) In the list with all programs, click to select the Microsoft Office version that you want to remove.
4) Then, click Change/Remove to go.
5) You will soon get a dialog box asking “Are you sure you want to remove Microsoft Office (version) from your computer?” Click Yes and follow the on-screen wizard to continue. The Windows-built uninstaller will launch and complete the uninstall job.

>> Windows 7 & Vista
1) Quit all running programs.
2) From the Start menu, select Settings, and then Control Panel.
3) Double-click Programs and Features.
4) From the list of programs, click to select the Microsoft Office that you want to uninstall, and then click Uninstall.
5) Verify that you want to uninstall the program and follow the on-screen steps to go.

The above Microsoft Office uninstall steps look a little simple. However, there are thousands of chances that some associated files are not removed fully after the above steps as this program usually combines well with the operating system, stopping you from running the PC or reinstalling the Microsoft Office suite correctly. If possible, you can remove all the files manually but it is not a very practical option because there might be bound to be many files and it is a time-consuming task to find them all.

If you do not want to encounter problems in uninstalling Microsoft Office and want a complete & instant uninstall process, turn to use an uninstaller program. Right now, there are advanced uninstallers available on the market which are completely free to download and thoroughly uninstall Microsoft Office & all its associated files. Compared with the Windows package uninstall utility, there are a multitude of benefits in using these uninstaller programs, for example, they work better and more efficiently than the standard Windows Add/Remove Programs removal tool; also, they help PC users clean up all related registry entries and improve overall PC performance.

The most advanced uninstaller that can do this job quickly is called Perfect Uninstaller. Except the two above benefits, it also helps to forcibly uninstall any corrupt programs and forcibly remove the hidden applications installed in your system. In this way, no matter the Microsoft Office on your PC is a corrupted or a full version, you can quickly get rid of it from the PC without worrying that it may mess up your whole computer.

Alright, these are what you can do when trying to uninstall Microsoft Office from the computer. By the way, if you want to bypass sorting everything out manually, get this top quality uninstaller software for your PC right now!

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