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Uninstall media player 10 beta – How to uninstall?


How to uninstall or remove Media Player 10 beta or other unwanted programs completely but not cause some annoying computer errors? Though Microsoft claims that it is not possible to uninstall Media Player 10 manually on its official website because it’s a feature of the operating system, or even though you are able to uninstall it, you will also revert back to a previous version, with the solutions here, you can fix all these uninstall problems quickly.

uninstall Media Player 10 beta

The below uninstall tips show you how to uninstall Media Player 10 beta on your own. But before attempting to uninstall it, it is best that you can make a backup of the Windows registry database by going to: Start ->run ->regedit -> File -> Export Registry and save it to your desktop.

*Go to the Start -> Control Panel -> Add / Remove Programs. Then, you’ll see a window with a list of all of the currently-installed programs on your PC.
*Select “Windows Media Player 10”
*Click “Uninstall” and follow the on-screen steps to remove it from the PC.

You can’t remove Windows Media Player entirely with the three simple steps – it is not possible! At this time, you might revert back to a previous version even though you don’t want it. To uninstall Windows Media Player 10 beta completely, you still need to find and delete all of its associated entries to ensure a complete uninstall job.

*Click the Start menu and select Run.
*Type in: regedit in the command box and click Enter to continue.
*When the regedit window appears, expand the HKEY LOCAL MACHINE by clicking on the plus sign to its right.
*Now you should click on SOFTWARE, then MICROSOFT, then WINDOWS, then CURRENT VERSION and finally UNINSTALL
*When you expand the Uninstall folder, all the programs currently installed will be shown, such as the uninstall Media Player 10 or Media Player, etc.
*Click on the Media Player folder you want to uninstall, in the box on the right you will see two strings: DisplayName and UninstallString.
*Double click UninstallString and a box will appear with the uninstall string highlighted.
*Right click on the highlighted entry and select COPY.
*Close the Regedit window.
*Select the START button and click RUN.
*Right click inside the command box and paste the uninstall string and click OK to uninstall Media Player 10 beta.

After all the steps above, Media Player 10 beta may be completely uninstalled from the computer. But do you find it easy? No! I think lots of users will say this especially for those who do not have enough knowledge to do all these jobs.

What is the best way to uninstall Media Player 10 beta?
If you find the above Media Player 10 beta uninstall instructions very difficult, it is best that you can select to uninstall such program with a program uninstall software. Uninstall software is a group of programs which will carry out all the duties of manually removing software, but it is much safer, more effective and economical. High-quality uninstall software will remove not only all components of the unneeded programs, but also securely delete all of its related registry entries and re-configure the system registry to prevent further corruption from junk files. This helps to easily ensure a faster and more secure operating system.

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