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Uninstall Google Chrome – How to remove Google Chrome?


Some PC users have tried many times but still fail to uninstall Google Chrome successfully. Even though the Google Chrome has been regarded as one popular browser which combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology, some still want to uninstall it from the PC for some unknown reasons. The brief instructions here will show you how to remove Google Chrome easily.

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Like other Windows programs, you can remove Google Chrome directly with the following steps:

Click the Start menu and then select All Programs.
Select Google Chrome.
Choose Uninstall Google Chrome.
Click Yes to continue when the confirmation dialog box appears.

The uninstall process will begin after you click “Yes” and the applications & shortcut related to the Google Chrome browser will be removed together.

Alternatively, you can go to Start -> Control Panel -> Add or Remove programs in Window XP or Programs and Features in Windows Vista & Win 7, find and select Google Chrome in the list, and click the Remove button to uninstall this browser from your computer.

After the manual removal, your profile information related to Google Chrome will still remain on the PC. If you want to delete this information, clean your Internet evidence and ensure a complete Google Chrome removal, go to %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome in Windows XP or %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome in Windows Vista, and directly delete them from the computer.

However, things become more complicated if the Google Chrome still appears on your computer screen even though you have follow the above steps neatly. Sometimes, the uninstall fails by either leave download some files in your hard disk or your Windows registry database. For the safety of your computer, it is not recommended to remove Google Chrome manually as it is highly risky if you make a mistake or remove a system required files incorrectly. Your computer will end up running improperly or seriously stop responding all all.

How to remove Google Chrome safely?
The most frustrated thing while uninstalling Google Chrome is that you may encounter kinds of error messages, or it may greatly mess up your whole PC. To address this uninstall problems, you’d better run a professional program uninstall tool just like Perfect Uninstaller to do the job for you. It is an uninstall that can totally uninstall any program from the computer safely and completely, no matter it is a full or corrupt version. With the Force Uninstall feature, you can remove Google Chrome as quickly as you can.

The Force Uninstall option allows you to directly uninstall programs from their folders. That is, when trying to uninstall Google Chrome, directly go to the drive where you install the program and find it folder like C:\Program Files\ GoogleChrome, right click the folder and select “Uninstall with PU”. And the uninstaller will automatically begin the uninstall removal to uninstall both the applications and all related registry entries & files completely.

As you can see that, to uninstall Google Chrome with Perfect Uninstaller is as easy as ABC. So, why don’t you make you Google Chrome removal tool easily by CLICKING HERE? You will be impressed on how this tool works!

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