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Uninstall Authentium AntiVirus – How to uninstall Authentium AntiVirus completely?

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Authentium AntiVirus is a program to keep viruses, spyware and other malware from infecting computers. However, some PC users still want to uninstall the software from the computer because of the constant pop ups that appear every time you visit a new website or just want to switch to a new provider. The steps here will show you how to deal with the unwanted Authentium AntiVirus completely.

To start with, you have to bear in mind that as this program is resilience against virus threats, it won’t be a little difficult to be uninstaller with the normal way. However, if you are sure you are experienced enough to do this job, then you can try the manual Authentium AntiVirus removal approach.

Uninstall Authentium AntiVirus manually
If you choose to uninstall this program by yourself, you’ll notice how long it can actually take. Besides, it will be a little dangerous. Hence, it is highly recommended that you can first make a system restore point before making any changes no matter which programs you want to uninstall from the computer, ie, uninstall Iminent.

1) Press “F8″ during the boot to launch the computer in Safe Mode.
2) Go to Start, Control Panel; double click Add/Remove Programs.
3) Then, find the AntiVirus within the appearing currently installed programs list.
4) Highlight it and then click “Remove” to begin the uninstall process.
5) Make sure that you want to uninstall it by clicking “Yes” when asked.
6) Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the uninstallation.
7) Then, go to your C drive, then open the “Program files” directory to find and delete the “Command Software” and “Authentium” folders. Open the “Common Files” to remove delete the “Command” and “Authentium” files.
8) Go to Start, run, type “regedit” within the box and press “Enter” to open the Registry Editor. Find and remove all Authentium AntiVirus entries completely.

As you can see that to remove the Authentium AntiVirus manually is really a time-consuming process. What is more, this antivirus program usually combines deeply well with the operating system by placing thousands of files in different corners of the computer. If you delete a wrong file, the computer will eventually end up not working at all. For the smooth running of the computer, the manual approach is only recommended to those who have enough computer knowledge.

Uninstall Authentium AntiVirus automatically
To uninstall programs with a program uninstaller tool is the easiest and safest way that recommended by lots of PC experts. Such tool is well designed to forcibly uninstall any program from the computer, even though it is a corrupt version that cannot be uninstalled with the Windows Add/Remove Programs utility.

When having problems in uninstalling Authentium AntiVirus from the computer, some recommend me to use an uninstall tool named Perfect Uninstaller and I was so surprised to see how it works. Instantly, it completely uninstalls any unwanted programs that Windows Add/ Remove Programs can’t remove. In addition to, it will thoroughly detect and remove all registry entries and drivers that spread in every corner of the system to ensure a complete Authentium AntiVirus removal. For safety concern, this uninstaller will fully back up system registry before uninstalling any programs. In this way, when something goes wrong you can quickly get back your computer by restoring the registry to a previous status. Actually, there won’t be such error.

For you convenience, do not let go off this program uninstall tool! Believe me, it will help you completely and forcibly remove Authentium AntiVirus and other unwanted programs from the PC immediately.

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