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How can you uninstall Adobe Download Manager?

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remove Adobe Download ManagerLot of users may notice the Adobe Download Manager come onto the computer without knowledge while downloading Adobe Flash player and Adobe Reader, and find it really unnecessary. If you are wondering how to uninstall Adobe Download Manager from your computer completely, here is the explanation.

Same as other programs just like Windows Media Player, there are two possible ways to uninstall Adobe program from the computer – manually and automatically. Read on and you will get detailed instructions on how to start with.

Manual removal of Adobe Download Manager
The first method is to remove the Adobe program is to directly use the “Add & Remove Programs” applet in Windows. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Uninstall Visual Studio Software Completely From Your PC?

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The Easy Way of Uninstalling Visual Studio from Your Computer Finally Revealed.

When you first purchase a computer, it usually comes pre-installed with the applications and programs that a typical user needs. Over time, you will be installing additional programs yourself – one possibility of which is the Visual Studio program from Microsoft. Visual Studio works as a complete suite for creating web applications. This is a truly useful application for web developers, but what if you’re an online user who finds out that you would not be using the software after all? Read the rest of this entry »