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How to uninstall RadioRage?

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remove RadioRageThe RadioRage is available to be downloaded from the Internet easily and helps users to access the local & Internet radio stations, industry news, song recommendation, etc quickly. However, some PC users find that upon finishing installing the RadioRage, the cursor just stayed stuck on that link when clicking on a music video. That is why lots of PC users want to uninstall it and turn to use other alternative app. If you are in the need to uninstall RadioRage, directly follow the steps here.

Basically, there are two ways available for you to get RadioRage off the computer: one is to uninstall it with the Windows built-in Add/Remove applet and the other one is to uninstall it with an advanced program uninstall tool. No matter which you use, do remember to be careful enough and do not remove un-associated entries; or it will bring in some unrepeatable damages to the computer. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Uninstall Internet Explorer 7 from your PC?

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To get ride of the original IE off the computer you need to go to Start>Settings, or Control Panel (depending on the view)>Add and Removed Programs> then got to Add and remove Windows components on the left hand side of the window. Click on that and then when a new windows opens the third box down is internet explorer. Uncheck the box click OK and there you have it. Read the rest of this entry »