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Best solution to remove Windows Optimal Settings within clicks

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The same as Security Defender, Windows Optimal Settings is another rogue computer program that seems like a legitimate system optimization utility. However, it is designed to perform various malicious actions once penetrated a victim’s computer such as reset the browser’s settings or account passwords, displaying numerous unwanted ads and upload users’ privacy to the Internet. This fake program can be easily acquired while users visiting an unsafe website or accepting files from others. So if you have Windows Optimal Settings installed on the computer, do remember to immediately remove it from your computer.
Windows Optimal Settings uninstall

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How can I uninstall Web Blocker?

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Web Blocker or WebBlocker is a software that helps prevent your kids from visiting websites with certain content or prevent your employees from accessing chatrooms and block banners as well. However, the problem that some users face right now is that they cannot quickly uninstall Web Blocker from their computers. The program may still be found on the PC though they have performed a removal; or it won’t allow to uninstall.

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I cannot remove the Sweetpacks tab from Google Chrome?

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Despite your best efforts, you have been unable to remove Sweetpacks and nothing I research seems to help? You have tried uninstalling Sweetpacks from the computer’s Control Panel, but to no avail? You have also tried to remove it from your Chrome extensions but it does not show up on the list of extensions? It is quite common for you to encounter such an uninstall problem when attempting to uninstall an unneeded program from the machine. Don’t be so upset! Here I will show you step-by-step solution to easily get rid of Sweetpacks, corrupted or complete version, from your PC.

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How do I uninstall the Sims 2 Deluxe on my PC?

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Do you have the Sims 2 Deluxe installed on the computer and have to wipe it out because something was wrong with it? Yeah, it is quite common for the game to become corrupted or unnecessary due to some unknown reasons. But the problem is how to uninstall the Sims 2 Deluxe from your computer. Well, you need to edit your system and Windows registry in a two-part process so as to remove all traces of the game from your system. Follow these instructions and you can uninstall the game completely from your machine.

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How do I uninstall Webroot AntiVirus?

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Some friends tell me that they cannot uninstall Webroot AntiVirus from the computer. When it expired, some tried to renew it but failed to do the job correctly as well as got some errors messages stating that it did not renew. This way, they decided to uninstall it from the computer and unfortunately, it didn’t do anything. Simply speaking, even though Webroot AntiVirus provides anti-virus and anti-spyware protection for the computer, like the Malwarebytes program, it can also at the same time bring in some undesired problems.

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How can I uninstall BigFix?

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BigFix is a helpful program typically used to eliminate unnecessary tasks, patch management process cycle times and consolidate multiple management infrastructures to maintain stable PC performance. Just like other programs, BigFix can run into problems or generate some unexpected errors to the computer (e.g. random computer slowness, or frequent popup error message telling that BigFix will no longer be supported for free help issues). In this case, directly uninstall it from the computer to prevent further damages.

remove BigFix

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Cannot uninstall WinZip? Uninstall WinZip the easiest method

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WinZip uninstallCannot uninstall WinZip from the computer? Even though lots of users rely on WinZip to perform some PC tasks, the older or unwanted version of the WinZip on the computer will take up some precious space and may slow down the computer. If you need to uninstall it from the PC, follow the instructions here.

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How do I uninstall Iminent?

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Iminent is a program that provides tons of exclusive and free emoticons, free video winks, and the possibility to create yours easily. This way, some users can make the PC life more & more enjoyable. However, if you are sure to uninstall Iminent from your computer, keep on reading my article here to choose the best one according to your judgment. Read the rest of this entry »

How to completely remove GTA San Andreas?

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GTA San Andreas is short for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and it is an action-adventure open world video game developed by Rockstar North in 2004. While enjoying this fantastic game, some players are also facing one other serious program – unable to completely remove GTA San Andreas from the computer. That is because when trying to uninstall it with the standard Windows Add/Remove feature, they will get some error messages just like “Error Loading C:\PROGRA~1\COMMON~1\INSTAL~1\PROFES~1\RunTime\10\50\Intel32\…” that prevents them from uninstalling the game successfully. Read the rest of this entry »

Uninstall DivX – How to uninstall DivX completely?

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DivX Player is powerful and well –designed multimedia software with an intuitive interface for digital video playback which supports DivX Media Format. With the help of this video player, you will be able to view and record video CD / DVD format to DivX, and create your own multimedia library as you like. Even though DivX Player support almost all popular video formats right now, it still contains some mistakes, causing some problems that greatly affects the computer performance. In this case, it is better that you can uninstall and then reinstall it again. Here is how to uninstall DivX from the computer. Read the rest of this entry »