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How to uninstall PaintTool SAI?

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PaintTool SAI is high quality and lightweight painting software with fully digitizer support, amazing anti-aliased paintings; also, it provides easy and stable operation to make digital art more enjoyable and comfortable. However, there also comes to chance for PC users to uninstall it from the computer, for example, when trying to upgrade it or just want to turn to other programs. If you are in a need to uninstall PaintTool SAI but you don’t know how, then I will help you!

With the plan here, you can remove PaintTool SAI either manually or automatically. Are you ready to go now?

How to uninstall PaintTool SAI manually?
Like NBT Host Monitor, PaintTool SAI can most of the time be uninstalled with the Windows own uninstaller. To do this, directly perform the below steps:
1) Go to Start, and then Control Panel.
2) Once there, double click the Add/ Remove Programs button.
3) Scroll down the list until you’ve stumbled on PaintTool SAI and select it.
4) Then, hit the Uninstall button and the removal process begins.
5) Follow the onscreen wizard to complete the removal of PaintTool SAI.

This is how you can easily remove PaintTool SAI from your computer the normal way. However, sometimes this uninstall fails to work for any reasons. For example, when you cannot find the program in the currently installed program list or it still appears on the PC even though you have followed the tips closely. If this happens to you, maybe you need to turn to the next approach.

Uninstall PaintTool SAI automatically
A third-party uninstall tool like Perfect Uninstaller can remove corrupted programs forcible from the computer. That is, even though the corrupted program will not appear on the list of windows add/remove program, you can also remove it from the PC completely. One another advantage to use a program uninstall tool is that it can track & remove all registry entries completely and no component related to the PaintTool SAI will remain on your computer. Take Perfect Uninstaller as an example, it will uninstall the program from your PC by completing these 3 simple steps:

1) At first, it will uninstall the PaintTool SAI application.
2) Then, it will fully scan your drives and your registry to track down any leftover files.
3) When the scan completes, all the related leftovers will be removed safely within second. Then, the PaintTool SAI will be completely uninstalled.

This is how the uninstaller works to get rid of programs from the computer. Free download Perfect Uninstall Tool now and it will take care of all uninstall tasks quickly for you. Thus, your computer will not have any corrupted file and will be running smoothly all the time.

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