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How to Uninstall Any Program

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Computers are great when they are running in your favor, but as soon as they start to develop problems, it’s a different story altogether. One of the most frustrating computer problems is being unable to uninstall a program. Whether it’s because it has an error, or some other reason… not being able to remove a program from your PC is annoying and causes all sorts of problems with Windows. Luckily, there’s an easy way to uninstall any program.

The problem with programs that won’t uninstall is very simple. Whenever you try and uninstall a program, it uses an “uninstaller file” which has been specifically coded to remove traces of that specific program. You can access these uninstaller files by clicking on START > CONTROL PANEL > ADD / REMOVE PROGRAMS. On the whole, these uninstaller files work well, but they do have a tendency to stop working and leave programs on your computer.

Unfortunately, the uninstaller files that come with programs are made to work on as many computers as possible, which means that if your PC doesn’t conform to what the uninstaller needs, then it won’t work. This is unfortunate, because these files just do two things that we can do manually. They first remove all the “program files” that a program might have (the files that make the program work) and then they remove the “links” that the program has with Windows. These links tell Windows where the program is installed and how big it is, etc. Luckily, if your program won’t uninstall, you can manually do the job of an uninstaller program to safely remove all traces of any software on your PC.

To manually uninstall a program from your computer, you first need to remove its program files. This is done by just browsing to where you installed the program (typically C:/PROGRAM FILES/) and then deleting the entire folder by selecting it and pressing SHIFT + DELETE. This will remove all the files which makes the program work, preventing Windows from being able to load it up. The next thing you need to do is to remove all the ‘registry keys’ the program has. These are “links” that the program has with Windows, and are stored in a big database called the ‘registry’. Registry keys are very important for programs because they tell your computer how to load it and where it’s installed. Removing the keys for a program “cuts” it out of Windows, and to do it – you just need to search for REGEDIT.EXE on your computer, open it up and then press CTRL + F and search for the program name. Delete any of the keys you find, after backing up the registry first.

Although this is an effective way to uninstall programs, it’s very risky, especially for someone who hasn’t done it before. Messing with the registry can severely damage your computer, which is why you might want to consisder using an uninstaller program to get rid of it. These programs work very well to remove all the files and registry entries for a program, allowing you to get rid of them once and for all. We’ve found the best uninstaller tool for this job, is an application called Wizard Uninstaller

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