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How to remove Norton Antivirus safely from your PC?

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Norton Antivirus is a popular product which is used by millions of people to keep their computer free from viruses and other spyware. However, even though Norton Antivirus is so popular, it’s very difficult to uninstall from your PC. Luckily, there’s an easy way to do remove Norton Antivirus without any problems at all.

To remove Norton Antivirus, you simply need to be able to do two things – first, you just need to remove its program files and then remove its registry keys. By removing these two important components, you will not only stop Norton from working, but you will also cut the program out of Windows, making it as if it was never there to start with. You can do this manually and is the method that all the computer technicians use to uninstall programs from their PCs.

The first thing you need to do is to remove the “Program Files” from your computer. Program files are the files which make the program work, giving it the ability to load up and perform its operations. Removing a software’s program files is like taking the motor out of a car – the software doesn’t work any more, effectively removing it from your PC. To remove Norton’s program files, you simply need to go to My Computer, and then browse to C:/Program Files/Norton Antivirus. You need to select that entire folder and then press SHIFT & DELETE. This will permanently remove the files for Norton, preventing it from working any longer.

The second thing you need to do is to then “cut” Norton out of Windows. This is done by deleting the many registry keys that Norton will have. These keys are all kept in a big database called the ‘registry’ and tell you computer how to do everything from load up the program to letting it do what it needs. To remove these keys, you just need to search for REGEDIT.EXE on your computer, open it up and then press CRTL + F. Then type “Norton Antivirus” in the search box, allowing it to search for all the keys with reference to that program. For each one that comes up, you should delete it from the right hand box, after backing up your registry first of course.

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