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How to easily uninstall Windows Messenger?

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Every one wants to easily uninstall Windows Messenger completely when it is not needed any more. With the below steps, you can get the program uninstalled from your computer quickly.

  • Go to Control Panel
  • Click on Add/Remove Programs
  • Click on Add/Remove Windows Components
  • And at the bottom of the list, uncheck Windows Messenger

Now OK your way back out, and Windows Setup will run and uninstall Windows Messenger.

“… those three Messengers are all different beasts.”

MSN Messenger: MSN Messenger is a separately installed application. To uninstall it:

  • Go to Control Panel
  • Click on Add/Remove Programs
  • Scroll down to find and then click on MSN Messenger
  • Click on Remove

Follow the resulting prompts, and MSN Instant Messenger will be uninstalled.

Windows Messenger Service: The Windows Messenger Service is an unfortunately named component of Windows that cannot be uninstalled. It has nothing to do with Instant Messaging, really, and can almost always be safely turned off. Here’s how:

  • Right Click on My Computer
  • Click on Manage
  • Expand the Services & Applications node
  • Click on Services
  • Scroll down to find, and then double click on Messenger
  • In the resulting dialog box, set the Startup Type to Disabled.
  • Click on Stop to stop the service immediately.

Now OK your way back out, and the Windows Messenger Service will no longer run.

With the above steps, Windows Messenger will thoroughly uninstalled from your computer.

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