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How can I uninstall NBT Host Monitor on my system?

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NBT Host Monitor is a unique monitoring tool to monitor thousands of windows hosts simultaneously and scan host name, group name, user name, MAC address of hosts in all IP segments in several seconds. It is really a useful application. However, there are still some users dislike it and want to completely remove it from the PC. And the question comes “how to uninstall NBT Host Monitor”?

First of all, you can follow the most conventional approach to uninstall the monitor from the computer:
*Click the Start button at the bottom left hand corner of your screen.
*Go to “Control Panel” and double click the “Add or Remove Programs” in the window.
*Scroll down the current installed program list and find NBT Host Monitor.
*When you find it, highlight it and click Remove button to uninstall it.
*If a window pops up asking whether to uninstall the program, click “Yes” to confirm.
*Wait for several minutes while the computer removes the NBT Host Monitor and the files.

Above are the most common solutions to uninstall programs from the computer including Authentium AntiVirus. Most of the time, after the above steps you still need to check and make sure that all related files & folders are completely from the PC. If you cannot uninstall the NBT Host Monitor with the above steps, I would recommend that you either use an uninstaller software to perform this action for you, or contact the NBT Host Monitor support to ask what files to look out for so can remove the correct files from the PC.

How to uninstall NBT Host Monitor automatically?
If this seems too complicated to uninstall NBT Host Monitor manually or if you want to just get the process over without any manual action, then you could download a program uninstall tool to do the job for you. Right now, with the development of the computer technology, there are thousands of programs available on the market to uninstall programs completely and the most powerful one is called Perfect Uninstaller. Just like what it is called, no matter the program you are going to uninstall is a full or corrupt version or a hidden one, the uninstaller will uninstall them from the PC easily.

Trying to delete NBT Host Monitor but do not know which uninstaller is good? Visit: uninstall NBT Host Monitor and you will be able to remove this tool the quickest & easiest way.

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