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How can I uninstall Media Player on Windows 7?

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Windows Media Player is the default and factory-installed player that comes with Windows. We can use it to play and rip CD’s, watch videos, copy music and much more. However, it does have some issues; for example, it does not play some resources that we commonly come across or sometimes cannot locate music & video files on the system. This is why some want to uninstall it and turn to other programs like iTunes.

Most of the time, Media player does not come onto the computer with a built-in uninstall option, that makes it very difficult to be uninstalled. Here, I take how to uninstall Media Player from Windows 7 as an example to show to how to get rid of this unwanted program.

How to uninstall Media Player manually?
*Click on Start button, and open Control Panel -> Programs -> Programs and Features.
*Click on Turn Windows features on or off in the left pane.
*Turn Windows Features On or Off and expand Media Features.
* Uncheck (untick) check box for Windows Media Player.
*Click Yes to continue when prompted with dialog box saying:
“The following Windows features will also be turned off because they are dependent on Windows Media Player. Do you want to continue?”
* Then, highlight the Media Player in the list and then “OK” to remove it.
* Restart your computer and the Media player will be uninstalled.

This method will get rid of all software from the computer including PaintTool SAI. It won’t however delete all of the files and folders that were attached to the player, such as your music and videos. At this time, you have to manually locate and delete them from your system.

How to uninstall Media player automatically?
If you are having problems trying to delete the files and folders that mentioned in the above steps, then you could download a program to help you. With the help of an uninstall software you will be able to bypass performing all of these actions manually as they always helps to do these jobs completely:
*Remove programs much faster than the Windows Add/Remove Programs.
*Forcibly delete software that won’t seem to go.
*Clean up all files within your system registry.
*Completely scan and remove related files and folders.

Looking for a best way to uninstall Media Player from the computer? Take a look at Perfect Uninstaller here; then it will be completely removed from the computer.

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