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How can I uninstall BigFix?

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BigFix is a helpful program typically used to eliminate unnecessary tasks, patch management process cycle times and consolidate multiple management infrastructures to maintain stable PC performance. Just like other programs, BigFix can run into problems or generate some unexpected errors to the computer (e.g. random computer slowness, or frequent popup error message telling that BigFix will no longer be supported for free help issues). In this case, directly uninstall it from the computer to prevent further damages.

remove BigFix

To remove BigFix from the computer, simply run the uninstaller just in the way you uninstall other programs:

*Go to click the Start menu on the left bottom of the screen.
*Go to Settings, Control Panel and then select Add/Remove Programs.
* Click BigFix in the current programs list and click Change/Remove.
* If you are prompted confirm, click Yes to make sure that you want to uninstall it.
* BigFix will now be removed from your computer.

If you continue noticing the BigFix on the computer, that sounds some files or entries were not completely removed. At this time, go to Start and then select My Computer; go to the Program Files and search for all components related to the BigFix and select them all; then press Shift+Del together to remove them. This will permanently erase all the associated files and settings from the computer. Then, you’d better go to Start again, run and type “regedit” into the search box and press “Enter” to launch the Registry Editor. Here, you should locate and remove all related BigFix registry entries permanently.

By the way, do remember to be careful enough when doing the manual checking and deletion process; or more serious PC errors will come onto the computer if you delete a necessary file incorrectly.

How can I uninstall BigFix safely & completely?
If you want to completely and safely remove BigFix and any other unwanted programs, I would recommend you to use a tool called “Perfect Uninstaller”. It is widely regarded as one of the best for removing programs easily. Besides uninstalling the BigFix program itself, the uninstaller also helps to completely scan and delete all related files & registry entries from the PC. If you are not confident with computers, or have some kinds of problems in uninstalling the BigFix completely, it is the best choice to use this uninstall tool. This way, you can uninstall all unneeded programs easily by yourself without calling out a professional IT engineer.

Compared with the manual uninstall approach, an uninstaller program could easily aid you in deleting any of your unwanted programs. In addition to, it can be much quicker, easier and safer to uninstall programs. So why not visit force uninstall BigFix for more information to remove this software?

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