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How can I uninstall AC4 completely?

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You are in a need to uninstall AC4 (Assassin’s Creed IV) from your computer but do not know what you should do? Due to some unknown reasons, you may want to uninstall this game; but if it is not completely removed, the computer will be greatly messed up or it may stop you from reinstalling the game by showing a message saying “The game is already installed, installation aborted!!” Well, here I am going to show you how to uninstall the game AC4 completely. Read the rest of this entry »

How to uninstall Dead Rising 2 Off The Record?

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About to uninstall the game Dead Rising 2 Off The Record and free up more disk space in your hard drive? Cannot find the uninstall button so you can’t uninstall that way? If you do not need the Dead Rising 2 game or just find it won’t launch, directly uninstall it with the following solutions.

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How to completely Uninstall DayZ MoD?

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Does your DayZ MoD fail to work and you still cannot figure out why? It is quite common for you to find this game stop connecting to the sever and cannot play it as usual. But how can you uninstall it without breaking down other games or mods? Follow me right now and you will be able to completely uninstall DayZ MoD from your computer.

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What happens if you uninstall SWTOR?

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Decided to stop playing SWTOR, and went to remove it from the computer (game is 18+ gigs) via the Control Panel, but received a pop-up telling that the game could not be uninstalled because it cannot be found on the computer? Sometimes, even though you are sure the game is properly installed on the PC, you still come to the chance to get such a message when trying to uninstall it (same as Sims 2 Deluxe game). This can be very wired. But is there a quick solution to uninstall SWTOR easily from the computer? May be the tutorials here will help you.

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How do I uninstall the Sims 2 Deluxe on my PC?

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Do you have the Sims 2 Deluxe installed on the computer and have to wipe it out because something was wrong with it? Yeah, it is quite common for the game to become corrupted or unnecessary due to some unknown reasons. But the problem is how to uninstall the Sims 2 Deluxe from your computer. Well, you need to edit your system and Windows registry in a two-part process so as to remove all traces of the game from your system. Follow these instructions and you can uninstall the game completely from your machine.

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How to completely remove GTA San Andreas?

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GTA San Andreas is short for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and it is an action-adventure open world video game developed by Rockstar North in 2004. While enjoying this fantastic game, some players are also facing one other serious program – unable to completely remove GTA San Andreas from the computer. That is because when trying to uninstall it with the standard Windows Add/Remove feature, they will get some error messages just like “Error Loading C:\PROGRA~1\COMMON~1\INSTAL~1\PROFES~1\RunTime\10\50\Intel32\…” that prevents them from uninstalling the game successfully. Read the rest of this entry »

Uninstall Gamemaker 7.0 – How to uninstall?

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Are you having problems on how to uninstall Gamemaker 7.0 from your computer? Gamemaker 7.0 is a very popular game among both of youth and olds. However, it could be chances for you to have this game removed from the computer. This software is quite difficult to be completely uninstalled if you don’t know enough knowledge about a computer. One of the main problems should be that it you can not locate files and folders that are hidden within the system registry. So, if you do not know what you should do to uninstall Gamemaker 7.0 completely, just follow my steps here!

uninstall Gamemaker 7.0

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