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Can’t uninstall Realtek AC97 Audio driver and what should you do?

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You couldn’t get your earphone to work properly as usual and want to uninstall the sound card Realtek AC97 audio driver so as to replace it? You choose the Add/Remove Programs but finally find that it can’t uninstall Realtek AC97 audio driver at all? You are receiving an error message like “An error has occurred in the uninstall program” when uninstalling Realtek driver from your machine? Keep on reading and you will get detailed tutorials below.

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How can you uninstall Panda Cloud Antivirus program?

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The Panda Cloud Antivirus on your computer is no longer useful at all? Do you want to uninstall Panda Cloud Antivirus but do not know what you should do? Though you are able to easily download & install this antivirus program on your PC, the uninstall process sometimes is not so that easy at all. But don’t worry! Here in this article, I am going to show you how to get rid of this antivirus program completely. Read the rest of this entry »

How to remove Gorilla Price from your computer?

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You are infected by the Gorilla Price and want to remove it from your computer immediately? Gorilla Price is also known as GorillaPrice; and it is regarded as an aggressive adware program which can severely affect the computer performance. Once install on your computer, it will constantly display many types of commercial ads or links when you open your browser or a new tab. Besides, this program can make changes to your browser or computers’ settings, redirecting to some malicious sites or exposing your computer to much more dangerous risks.

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Can’t uninstall Cyberlink DVD suite 6? Remove Cyberlink DVD suite 6 completely

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Can’t uninstall Cyberlink DVD suite 6 from your computer even though you have tried whatever you can think of? The same as some other programs like Gorilla Price, such DVD program suit may take you quite a longer time to completely remove it. You need to be patient enough so as to totally get rid of the program.

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How to completely uninstall Lexmark Printer and reinstall it?

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Your Lexmark Printer cannot print a document right now? You want to change/view “Properties/Preference” to change printer options to print “Black” because of a message stating “Function address 0X0 caused a protection fault. The application sheet page (s) may not function properly”? You are in a need to uninstall Lexmark Printer and reinstall it so as to deal with some printer error message? There are quite a lot of chances for you to uninstall the Lexmark Printer from the computer. If you do not know how to start with, just follow me and you can get the job finished within minutes.

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How can you uninstall IMVU software easily?

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The IMVU software allows you to use the IMVU service and create a 3D animated avatar as simply as possible. Thought helpful, there are still chances for some users to uninstall the IMVU software from the computer. Some complained that it is quite difficult to be uninstalled as they were not able to get past removing the IMVU roaming folder or some other uninstall error messages. If you have no clue on how to totally remove IMVU software, just read on and you will get the most comprehensive solutions.

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How to uninstall MyPC Backup the simplest way?

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The MyPC Backup comes onto your computer secretly and starts itself at computer boots? Well, judging from the name, MyPC Backup seems like helpful and useful utility, but many computers users complain that the program usually comes into users’ computer stealthily and generates numerous annoying alerts, for example, it will pop up every several minutes asking you to back up online. Though the MyPC Backup is claimed to back up and protect your computer files including photos, music, emails, videos etc to the cloud, it is really a potential unwanted program. No matter for what reason you want to uninstall MyPC Backup, I do hope you can uninstall it the correct way.

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How do I uninstall Bueno Search? Remove Bueno Search permanently

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The Bueno Search suddenly appears on your computer and displays some ads while you are opening the browser one day? You do not want it and try uninstalling with all solutions that you can think of, but only to find that it pops up again along with your browser? The Bueno Search is normally classified as browser hijacker and works compatibly with popular browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. However, its only purpose is to promote advertisements by hijacking your online activities or modifying internet browser settings such as homepage and default search engine to the unknown Buenosearch.com. If you are in a need to remove Bueno Search, here will be your right place.

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Simple steps to uninstall Ad-Aware Free Antivirus from your computer

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The Ad-Aware Free Antivirus is developed by Lavasoft and provides PC protection against malware, virus, spyware and other popular online threats. However, some complained that it may slow down the computer and want to get rid of it from the computer. No matter for what reason you want to uninstall Ad-Aware Free Antivirus from your computer, here you will get the most comprehensive instructions.


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Cannot remove CA eTrust antivirus? Uninstall CA eTrust antivirus quickly

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Try to remove CA eTrust antivirus from a desktop computer but to no avail? Try a removal from Control Panel but the computer freezes along with the cursor & you have to perform a force shutdown? It is quite common for you to encounter such an uninstall problem when attempting to uninstall CA eTrust antivirus from your machine. Anyhow, solutions below will help you quickly get rid of this unwanted antivirus program immediately.

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